The blocks which are produced by our third generation block moulds, free of manual labour, get ready for sale after polishing in a little while by our surface finishing machine.

Our third generation block moulds reach the most productive design by means of the research-development of our own denture production facility.

In the block production industry, cost and time are the most important factors of the production process.

The quality of the produced blocks generally depends on the mould design and the production system.

The third generation moulds, different from the classical design process, has been integreted to simulation based topologic approach to have the mould design up to required rigidity.

Besides the gains of production time and the cost, the moulds are produced according to required form and measure as soon as possible.

Our 3. Generation block mould is in a single piece 52 HRC iron. Our engineers who trained from the cradle; with the state of the art technology Cad software and  in our advanced technology CNC milling machine, determine  the high quality tool path thanks to the best Cam Programme in the world . Thus we produce moulds which have mirror finish.

Consequently, our production high precision moulds enable to produce 0,06 burry blocks.